Friday, August 14, 2015

Quicken Home Inventory on Windows 10

Microsoft is offering free upgrade to Windows 10, and I figured I should try it. Although my main system is Mac now, free is free and I decided to test it.

Of course, one of the main questions was whether Quicken Home Inventory would work on it and the question is still no. My next question is whether Attic Manager works and it does. As you already know form my previous posts, Attic Manager can load QHI databases so I can access all that data it took me years to enter.

I first tried with the inventories I converted earlier and everything works as before. Then I talked with some friends who wanted to convert their Quicken databases and here's what we found:

.idb files load directly into Windows 10 copy of Attic Manager without problems.

.mdf and .qhi files cannot be loaded on Windows 10 directly. You first have to install Attic Manager on Windows XP (I checked, they say Windows 7 would also work), load the database there and then use Attic's backup/restore function to transfer the data to Windows 10. So, yes, we lost like 20 minutes doing this, but now my friend has his QHI database on his brand new Windows 10.

I'm amazed how this simple program keeps working on every new version of Windows that comes out, without even updating the program to newer release.