Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quicken Home Inventory Manager standalone on Windows 64bit

I got some comments to my previous posts how QHIM standalone that uses MDF files is much faster than the old versions, so I decided to give it a shot.

It still does not work on Windows 7 64bit!

However, that is not the main problem. I installed it on old XP box. The database is really faster, looks like indexes are properly used. However, the UI is still crappy and slow. It still looks and feels bloated. I really don't know why they do not use proper Windows controls provided by Microsoft, like most other inventory software does.

Most of the other issues are still not fixed like low resolution thumbnails, limited printing options, compatibility with newer versions of Windows and no ability to export data. The last one is really Intuit trying to lock the customers from moving away to better products.

And here's a solution:

Just use Attic Manager. It works, it's faster, it can import your QHI database and you can export it into Excel and then you're free from this crazy vendor lock-in.

What amazes me is that new QHIM standalone requires me to download about 600MB of software (Microsoft SQL Server, .Net support, etc.) while Attic Manager does all it does and more with only 3MB of download. That's 200 times less download for the same functionality. And Attic Manager works on Windows 7 as well. Now, somebody please tell me again that QHIM is not completely bloated piece of software. And yes, I understand that having Quick Books or other product installed would require less download, but we're talking about QHIM standalone here. What's the point of having a standalone version, if, in order to use it as standalone, you need to download a whole bunch of crap?

Anyway, let's just forget about that. As I wrote before: just go and buy Attic Manager. You won't regret it.