Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quicken Home Inventory on Mac OSX [SOLVED]

Moving away from Windows to Mac was something I planned to do for a very long time. But, there were some Windows programs that do not work under Mac, and Bootcamp seems too complicated for me. Also, running Windows under VM just for one application is too slow for my liking. I just want to click and run the app, not wait for entire operating system to startup. Anyway, one of those apps is Attic Manager. I migrated from Quicken Home Inventory some time ago, and AM has shown to be a nice little program that does its job well. It is simple, but also very quick. Even if I did not migrate from QHI, I would pick this one to track my stuff.

Now, I just read on another blog that Attic Manager version for Mac is out. Apparently it was tested and works on MacOSX 10.9 Mavericks, and website says it supports 10.7 and never, so this means it's a 64bit program.

I tested the trial version on friend's Mac, and it seems to work the same way Windows version does. I tried loading the .IDB database from old Quicken into it, and it worked flawlessly. Then I transferred my Attic Manager database from Windows using Backup on Windows and Restore on Mac. So, what does this mean:

Attic Manager can load your QHI inventory database and you can then use it (add items, update information, edit locations, etc.) on Mac.

Looks like I might be getting a new Mac soon :)

Anyway, if you have a Mac and you're stuck on Windows because of Quicken Home Inventory Manager, just go, download Attic Manager and forget about all the problems:

Note that you need at least the Pro version to be able to load QHI files. If you aren't converting from Quicken, but just want a cheap, nice, clean and simple Home Inventory program for Mac, then buy the Standard version.

Well, that's all. If you do run it on Mac, please leave a comment to this post.